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    Your dream team LISTENS

    By Kathy A. Newby
    The Stuart Rental Company

    We get calls every day from people shopping for pricing on tents for their event. Many times they request the price of a specific size, i.e. 40’ x 50’.

    Most companies just provide the price without asking any questions. It’s not that simple, pricing for a canopy/tent is not a cookie cutter answer.

    There are many things to take into consideration:
    • How did you come up with that size?
    • What’s happening in the canopy/tent?
    • What type of surface is it being installed on?
    • Is it a sit-down served meal or buffet?
    • And MANY others

    When you take the time to be engaged with their event and LISTEN to what their needs are in the beginning you can provide them with an experience they will be happy with in the end.


    A true story...

    By Michelle Walker
    Michelle Walker Photography

    I recently ran into a couple that had interviewed me to be their photographer. I had photographed the bride's friends wedding a few years ago. During their decision process, the bride's uncle mentioned that he used to take photos for a local newspaper (25+ years ago) and would love to be their wedding photographer.

    You can guess what happened... They decided to go with the Uncle and ended up hating their wedding photos. He was bossy, disorganized, and was nowhere to be found for their cake cutting.

    She told me how her friends had watched their wedding photos with joyful tears and sadly she cried for another reason when seeing hers.

    Please hire a professional, experienced, fabulous photographer for your wedding to avoid having to end up hating your wedding photographs too.

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