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    A Short Question and Answers session with Yves Mozelsio - Photographer & Owner YJM Photography

    By Gwen Helbush
    Founder, Bay Area Wedding Network 

    Q: What kind of insurance should we ask if Photographers have?
    A: Photographers should have liability insurance. There are some venues that require this from their vendors. If anyone were to get injured by tripping on photo equipment, the couple and venue should not be held responsible.


    Q: How do you recommend wedding photographers dress for the day of the wedding?
    A: Dress as if you’re one of the guests on the wedding day. T-Shirts and jeans are much too casual and are a reflection of you and your studio. Also, some venues have dress codes.


    Q: What have you heard other photographers do that makes your job harder? 
    A: If a couple is interested in a limited number of hours because of budget, don’t knowingly make false promises just to get the job. The last thing that you want to tell the couple on their wedding day is that there isn’t enough time to take the photos planned and that extra paid time would be needed - The discussion of services and money on the day of an event sound be avoided!


    Q: What is a mistake you see other photographers make that may cost them clients?
    A: I recommend to not over-schedule meetings with potential clients on the same day. Some studios employ individuals whose main job responsibility is selling services. If that’s the case that wouldn’t be an issue, but most photographers need to sell their own services. That initial first meeting is critical, and 100% of your focus should be on the couple and their wedding day. If a couple doesn't feel a connection with you, it doesn't matter how good you are. If you're tired from a long day of meeting with current and potential clients, there's a good chance you won't be hired. 


    Q: What would you tell a new wedding photographer never to forget to do?
    A: Prepare your equipment for a wedding the day before the event, and not the morning of. This includes making sure your equipment is working properly, charged and ready to go packed in the car. On the day of the event, the last thing you want to discover is that a piece of equipment is malfunctioning or that you left something at home. Having a checklist before leaving for the event is also recommended. Have you ever had a dream of leaving your memory cards at home - Let is stay as a dream and not reality!


    Q: Any last advice you would like to share?
    A: Very basic but never be late for a wedding. Couple’s plan months sometimes years for their perfect wedding. The last thing a photographer or any vendor wants to do is stress out the couple. They’ll remember this throughout their wedding day and the experience of photographing their wedding might not be as enjoyable to anyone, including yourself. Also, don't expect any referrals to come your way!


    By Kate Patay
    Executive Director of Sales & Marketing
    Creative Coverings


    Wedding season is just around the corner and brides want options to help radiate their individual personalities. They are choosing to use these trending hues in several elements of their décor and design…cakes, centerpieces, bridesmaid dresses, and bright colored shoes to name a few. And, it isn’t just solid colors. Prints such as Geometrics, Stripes, or Ikat designs are incorporating these colors with table runners, napkins, or invites and menus. 



    Fabrics this season include sequins, embellished sheers, fringe, velvet, lace, metallic prints, exotic/ethnic prints, plaid, geometric and romantic floral prints. Velvets and lace can be simple or embellished to create an ornamental look. Sequins and metallic prints will be hot for weddings and exotic or ethnic prints, like reptile or Ikat prints, can accessorize a themed event. Look for geometric patterns like the retro Houndstooth from the ‘70’s or plaid and romantic floral prints reminiscent of the ‘90’s. 




    Home décor is always inspired by the latest fashion trends and then carries over into event and wedding design. Some of our favorite themes trending this year are Rustic-Modern, Traditional, and Chic. 


    Rustic-Modern - This look is achieved by adding modern style to something that is lacking elegance or refinement! So, mixing an industrial setting with raw materials best describes this trend. Create an “Old World” style inside of a contemporary space. Fabrics such as Burlap, Lace, Velvet, and Brocades can be used to stylize the décor for these settings.


    Fused Cultures – Culturally inspired events and weddings will be on trend moving into 2014. Weddings to celebrate a bride and groom’s different nationalities, heritage, and traditions will inspire food, entertainment and décor to be an eclectic blend of international style. Colors will play a key role in fabrics but also ethnic prints and ornate or embellished linens will help create this theme.


    Chic – From simple to glam, this look can be achieved with neutral colors and accessorizing with fabulous fabrics or lavish décor elements. Sequins, fringe, velvets, and floral tapestries can be blended and layered elegantly to create a glam appeal. Accent pieces like pearls and crystals will enhance the design and can create a look that radiates opulence. A timeless and classic look can be achieved by using neutral tones such as blush, champagne and silver. Mixing classic patterns such as stripes and polka dots can create a contemporary or retro themed event or a glamorous black tie affair.


    So, the look and feel for spring/summer 2014 is a mixture of soft and vibrant hues, along with bold prints and romantic textures – something we can all look forward to for dynamic event design solutions!